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Derpyfest 2020

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Start date 05-15-20 - 00:00
End date 05-17-20 - 00:00
  • Description

    You often come across this sentence at the beginning of the year in various Brony forums, cell phone groups or other German Internet platforms related to the fan community of the television series "My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic". But what is this festival exactly and what is it about? This article is intended to remedy the situation and takes a closer look at the Derpyfest.


    Derpyfest 2019 is now taking place for the fourth time in Hesse in a more central location than any other Meetup in Germany. Mentioned for the first time in 2016, the organizers had to change the location several times due to growing supply and demand, but in the meantime the festival has found its home on the edge of the idyllic village Lumda. Here you can experience a nice weekend at affordable prices either in your own tent, in a mass accommodation (Zecoras tree) or in a hotel.

    So that the time remains nice and exciting for all guests, the main organizer Zecora95, Shimmer_Light and their team work tirelessly to plan and implement new and exciting attractions, so there were many things to deal with in 2018 and it never got boring. Whether you like to sing karaoke, pass the time at poker and other games or practice your first stitches at the sewing course led by MimicProductions, it has never been boring.

    You could also compete with others in numerous individual and group competitions, especially the choice of princess of drinking stands out, the crowning of which always takes place at the end of each derpy festival, but the prerequisites remain secret until that coronation and change every year it remains exciting. So if you want to be Princess, you need stamina, a good strategy and the luck that the strategy works.

    At this point it is urgently mentioned that the goal is not to drink as much as possible in order to lie later in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. The Derpyfest is an event where you can order alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the bar, but it shouldn't just stop there, there is much more to experience.

    For example, what could be nicer than sitting with friends at the popular Maid Caffé Straw ’n´ Berries in good weather and enjoying a delicious piece of cake baked by the maids?

    Cakes, muffins and other baked goods are not the only thing to eat. The organizers of the Derpyfest provide in a variety of ways, such as a grill stand that takes care of the physical well-being of your guests. Every guest who is craving for something else is free to drive to the nearby suburb and to take care of themselves at the local shops.

    Those who would like to take a souvenir home with them to have a materialistic memory of the Derpyfest and have not chosen the GoodieBag option when buying a ticket will be warmly recommended to the dealer. Here are several sellers who offer a wide range of different My Little Pony merchandise items.

    A special highlight that makes the Derpyfest unforgettable are the community guests who rock the stage with good music and who are not too happy to have a little chat and a few autographs. In addition to well-known artists such as Jyc Row and Prince Whateverer, many well-known DJs including Cabraloca, Javier, FlaK, Niwo and Delta celebrated their Derpyfest debut live in 2018 and thus excited the crowd.

    Overall, the Derpyfest is a very special event that developed into a small convention in a few years and at which everyone can have a lot of fun. You shouldn't miss that.