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Super super sorry for never posting :c Here is an OC of mine~

Full Name: Anni Apple
Gender: Nonbinary (But mostly She/Her, Sometimes They/Them)
Sexuality: Asexual, Probably Aromatic haven't decided, she secretly craves affection always tho
Parents: Macey Mac (Trans Big Mac) and Sugar Belle
Siblings: Lady Delight, Baldwin Apple, Muffin Top
Talent: Dog Training

Anni is very reserved and quiet, she spends most of her time inside the house, mostly inside her room even. She can come of as rude, and maybe she is a little although she has no idea how to deal with social situations. She reads and plays video games a lot. Sugar Belle and Macey try to encourage her to come out of her shell and be a real Apple Family Member but nah, thats not gonna happen. The dogs on the farm are the only company she truly enjoys and she seems to have a special bong with them. Thats also how she discovered her talent. Her name and colorscheme are from her great grandmother Granny Smith. She can have lots of struggles with this because she feels like she has to work similar etc.

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