Loyalty, or "I don't know what content is appropriate to be here but here we go"

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Things about it which may or may not be so; not being 100% serious.

Understanding, grasping, the ideals of another person.  Being willing to put everything necessary into giving that person what they need to stay true to their own principles and for them to understand just what it is that they are pursuing.  It’s standing by you, and still telling you when you’re wrong. 

Loyalty can be easily corrupted though.  ‘Don’t think just do it’.  ‘I just work here’.  ‘Whatever you say, sir’.

And Loyalty is just a word.  Words mean whatever the person thinks they want them to mean at the time they used it.  Defeats the purpose of language to be that, but what can you do?

'What can you do'?

You can redefine ‘language’ and ‘purpose’ so that there’s no probrem.  Whenever there’s an issue, don’t solve the issue, redefine reality instead.  "Presto change-o, what issue"?

What a resilient mind-set.  What a useful coping mechanism for that person alone.  It is said that reality is what doesn’t go away when you ignore it.  "Ha!  Reality, you’ve just stumbled onto my trap card!  In response I use cognitive dissonance!"

Yes, that’s fine for that person, using cognitive dissonance, but now through their ignore-ance, they’ve taken themselves out of the medium of reality connecting us together. 

I guess we can be happy for them, that they have seize a strength of will to have defined and to have found their happiness or self-fulfilment, even as the gulf of mystery between persons widens.