Plush Queue May

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Updated my plush queue here! Icon gif base credit goes to paintpastime on DA Pink Progress Bars credit goes to L3Moon-Studios on DA

The following projects are in queue for May! Will be updated as I go along and start a new, fresh queue page each month. *Due to the pandemic, there may be shipping delays in any projects ordered this month - onward*
Progress reports are shown via the bars along with what has been done/what needs to get done.

BAB Modification Light Fury
BAB Modification 2
BAB Modification 3
Plush Trade Noxi; postponed due to pandemic


12" Shay Plush Commission

12" Marble Pie

Cuddle Plush *personal project

Princess Cadence Quick Modification
12" Earth pony

12" Alicorn with folded wings 

Prototype Plush Hoshi
Custom 12" Classic Plush

Custom 12" Classic Plush



Cutie Belle Cuddle Size Plush

Buttercream Rosette

2x minor plush repairs


Rarity Plush Repair