Sock Snake/Dratini-Inspired Heating Pad or Plush Tutorial for JUNE Live Stream

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This is the tutorial to make your own Snake or Dratini-Inspired Heating Pad or Plush. I will be streaming this step by step LIVE and answering general sewing questions in June. The date has not been determined yet, but I will make an announcement beforehand! I wanted to post this in advance.

Sock Snake/Dratini-Inspired Heating Pad or Plush

This is a really simple DIY to make an adorable snake/ Dratini-inspired heating pad or plush with items you likely already have at home! I haven't seen something quite like this done in terms of a heating pad sleeve that you can make yourself and LOVED the idea of a functional plush that anyone with basic skills can make themself. If you’re interested, I will be completing this tutorial live as a sew-along with me via on [Date and time to be determined. Will be in June!]

What you will need:

  • A sock in the color of choice (if making a Dratini-inspired plush, try to get a sock with a different colored toe piece as seen in the picture above). Really soft socks work as well.
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Buttons / safety eyes or fabric marker
  • Stuffing or scrap fabric
  • Fabric glue (optional)
  • Velcro (optional)
  • Rice and extra sock (for heating pad option)

Step 1:

Take your sock and fill the toe area with stuffing until it makes a sphere shape.

Step 2:

Sew the sock, sealing off the area that you just stuffed. Backstitch using your sewing machine or by hand. Warning – socks that are made of chenille-like or knit fabric may require extra reinforcement (sew over).

Step 3:

Sew on buttons, use safety eyes, or draw on eyes. If you use buttons without holes, you can make a couple of white highlights using acrylic paint if desired.  

If you wanted a Dratini-like plush, you would need to sew together two frills along with a circle and attach via hand sewing or fabric glue. If you wanted a snake-like plush, just cut out a small forked tongue out of scrap fabric or felt and glue or sew on.

Heating Pad Option: If you want this to be a heating pad, simply fill another sock with rice, tie off,  and – once heated – place the warm rice sock into your Dratini-inspired/snake sleeve! You can tie off the tail into a knot or glue on strips of Velcro for easy closure. DO NOT place the Dratini sleeve in the microwave!

Plush Option: If you want this to be a plush, simply fill the rest of the body with stuffing or scrap fabric and sew or glue the tail closed. Voila!


Your Dratini-inspired buddy or snake friend can now heal away aches and pains or just be a comfort that you made with your own hands! Great job! :D

If you should pass on this tutorial, PLEASE credit me! And if you have made a little buddy of your own from this tutorial or inspired by it, I would love to see it!